Spécialités / Special / スペシャル

Steak frites
Steack with french fries
ステーキとフレンチフライ                                                                         1800 CFP

Boeuf légumes avec riz
Beef with vegetables served with rice
牛肉野菜炒めライス付き                                                                           2000 CFP

Boeuf Massala avec riz
Beef Massala served with white rice
ビーフマサラ -インド風- ライス付き (オススメ)                                         2000 CFP

Poulet légumes avec riz
Chicken with vegetables served with rice
豚肉野菜炒めライス付き                                                                            1700 CFP

Crevettes à l’indienne avec riz
Indian shrimps served with rice
インド風エビ炒めライス付き                                                                    2500 CFP

Poisson grillé (Thon ou poisson du lagon) avec salade et riz
Grilled fish (tuna or other lagoon fish) served with salad and white rice              
マグロもしくはラグーンフィッシュのグリル ライスとサラダ付き                1800 CFP

Poisson cru (thon) avec riz
Raw tuna served with white rice            
マグロもしくはラグーンフィッシュのグリル ライスとサラダ付き              2000 CFP


Riz Cantonnais                               
Chinese style fried rice
チャーハン                                                                                                1500 CFP

Samoussas servi avec salade et riz                                                                   1500 CFP

Salade composée                                                                         
Mixed salad
ミックスサラダ                                                                                         1500 CFP